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Freebeer Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
fbArrayArray (and hash) related functions
fbBinarySearchAbstract class for binary search classes
fbBinarySearch_ArrayPerform a binary search on an array
fbBinarySearch_FilePerform a binary search on a file
fbBinarySearch_HashPerform a binary search on a hash (associative array)
fbDateTimeDate and Time related functions
fbDebugDebugging support class
fbErrorHandlerError handler class
fbGeoIP_FreeAbstract class for Geo IP Free database
fbGeoIP_Free_AsciiGeo IP Free ASCII file database class
fbGeoIP_Free_BinaryGeo IP Free binary file database class
fbGettextGettext extension emulation class
fbHMAC_LoginSecure login via HMAC authentication
fbHMAC_Login_ADOdbSecure login using ADOdb database class
fbHMAC_Login_MySQLSecure login using native Mysql functions
fbHordeHorde support functions
fbHTML_LockFormFieldsLock selected HTML form fields
fbHTTPHTTP protocol related functions
fbHTTP_OutputBufferingHTTP Output buffering support class
fbHTTP_PathInfoPATH_INFO related functions
fbHTTP_ServerPushPush content from the web server to the client via push or refresh
fbHTTP_StatusHTTP status codes
fbHTTPSRewrite HTML page with https:// or http:// links
fbISO639_ISO3166_MapISO 639 (language code) to ISO 3166 (country code) map
fbISO639_MapISO639 (language code) two letter code to three letter code map
fbMhashEmulation of mhash extension functions
fbObjectBase persistent object
fbPaymentAbstract class for online payment processing
fbPayment_AuthorizeNetOnline payment processing via AuthorizeNet
fbPayment_PayflowProOnline payment processing via Verisign's Payflow Pro
fbPearPEAR support class
fbRandomRandom Number Generator (RNG) abstract class
fbRandom_DevRandomBlocking RNG for Unix/Linux based systems supporting /dev/random
fbRandom_DevUrandomNon-blocking RNG for Unix/Linux based systems supporting /dev/urandom
fbRandom_GMPRNG using gmp_random() function
fbRandom_LCGRNG using lcg_value() function
fbRandom_MT_RandRNG using mt_rand() function
fbRandom_RandRNG using rand() function
fbSHA1SHA1() emulation class for pre-PHP 4.3.0 systems
fbTicketTicket used by fbTicketAgent class
fbTicketAgentDisallows submitting the same HTML form data more than once
fbTimerMicrosecond resolution timer (stopwatch) class

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