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fbSHA1 Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

SHA1() emulation class for pre-PHP 4.3.0 systems.

Definition at line 92 of file SHA1.php.

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 bytes_to_words ($block)
 pad_block ($block, $size)
 circ_shl ($num, $amt)
 f0_19 ($x, $y, $z)
 f20_39 ($x, $y, $z)
 f40_59 ($x, $y, $z)
 f60_79 ($x, $y, $z)
 expand_block ($block)
 add ($a, $b)
 process_block ($blk)
 update ($bytes)
 finalize ()
 hash_bytes ($bytes)
 hash_string ($str)
 sha1 ($str)

Public Attributes


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