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Freebeer File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions: [code]
ADOdb/ADOdb.php [code]ADOdb database abstraction layer support functions
HMAC_Login/ADOdb.php [code]Secure login using ADOdb database class
ADOdb_Debug.php [code]
Alpha3.php [code]ISO 639 Three character language codes
Array.php [code]
BinarySearch/Array.php [code]Perform a binary search on an array
Ascii.php [code]Geo IP Free ASCII file database class
AuthorizeNet.php [code]Online payment processing via AuthorizeNet
Babelfish.php [code]Babelfish (Alta Vista's translation utility) related functions
Backport.php [code]Backwards compatibility functions and definitions
Binary.php [code]Geo IP Free binary file database class
BinarySearch.php [code]Abstract class for binary search classes [code]
Calendar.php [code]
CharsetMap.php [code]ISO 639 language code to character set map
Config.php [code]Provides configuration system via file system
Constants.php [code]
DateTime.php [code]Date and Time related functions
Debug.php [code]Debugging support class
DevRandom.php [code]Blocking RNG for Unix/Linux based systems supporting /dev/random
DevUrandom.php [code]Non-blocking RNG for Unix/Linux based systems supporting /dev/urandom
ErrorHandler.php [code]Error handler class
BinarySearch/File.php [code]Perform a binary search on a file
File.php [code]
Free.php [code]Abstract class for Geo IP Free database
Gettext.php [code]Gettext extension emulation class
GMP.php [code]RNG using gmp_random() function
Hash.php [code]Perform a binary search on a hash (associative array)
HMAC_Login.php [code]Secure login via HMAC authentication
Horde.php [code]Horde support functions
HTTP.php [code]HTTP protocol related functions
HTTPS.php [code]Rewrite HTML page with https:// or http:// links
ISO3166.php [code]ISO3166 country code related functions
ISO3166_Map.php [code]ISO 639 (language code) to ISO 3166 (country code) map
ISO639.php [code]ISO 639 language code related functions
ISO639_Map.php [code]ISO 3166 (country codes) to ISO 639 (language codes) map
LCG.php [code]RNG using lcg_value() function
Locale.php [code]Locale related functions
LockFormFields.php [code]Lock selected HTML form fields
Map.php [code]ISO639 (language code) two letter code to three letter code map
Mbstring.php [code]Mbstring extension emulation (incomplete)
Mhash.php [code]Emulation of mhash extension functions
MT_Rand.php [code]RNG using mt_rand() function
MySQL.php [code]Secure login using native Mysql functions
Object.php [code]Base persistent object
OutputBuffering.php [code]HTTP Output buffering support class
PathInfo.php [code]PATH_INFO related functions
PayflowPro.php [code]Online payment processing via Verisign's Payflow Pro
Payment.php [code]Abstract class for online payment processing
Pear.php [code]PEAR support class
PHP_Constants.php [code]
Rand.php [code]RNG using rand() function
Random.php [code]Random Number Generator (RNG) abstract class
ServerPush.php [code]Push content from the web server to the client via push or refresh
SHA1.php [code]SHA1() emulation class for pre-PHP 4.3.0 systems
Smarty.php [code]Smarty template engine support class
Status.php [code]HTTP status codes
System.php [code]Operation system and PHP related functions
test_binary.php [code]
TicketAgent.php [code]Disallows submitting the same HTML form data more than once
Timer.php [code]Microsecond resolution timer (stopwatch) class
uuid.php [code]
Win32.php [code]RNG using Window's CryptGenRandom() function
XML.php [code]

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